What’s the Difference in a First Meeting and a First Date?

I don’t know why that first face to face connection is so difficult. So you met on line the words are interesting the photo is cute. Just go meet the person already! The sooner you meet the more likely the chemistry has a chance to grow.
Meeting is not dating. Meeting is meeting. It is where you see if the chemistry is real. As far as I am concerned this is the equivalent to bumping into an attractive person at the grocery. This is coffee at the local coffee shop. This is a meeting for a walk in the park. This is let’s catch a drink after work. You are not evaluating commitment here, just if you want to date. Meetings shouldn’t be longer than an hour.
A date happens after you meet someone and want to learn more. A date is planned and is usually one on one. A date is with someone you want to share an entire meal with. It is someone you want to challenge to a mini-golf competition. It is an afternoon on the river. If you go on a date you should have had a meeting that went well and are interested in witnessing this person in action. You are looking at a time commitment here, one to four hours. This is where you spend time looking for this person’s authenticity.
If you don’t get to the dating stage OK. Consider this, the meeting is great practice for meeting someone you will date. Meeting is only a dress-rehearsal. Have a mindset of “people are interesting” and you will never be disappointed in meeting someone you don’t know.
If you are looking to find your mindset and maybe some confidence, let’s talk about it.
Seriously, just meet someone- it’s just a meeting.