The Classic Dinner Date in 417Land

A proper date is hard to come by. We don’t have to make it so difficult either. Married or single, there are only three things you need to do.

  1. Choose a place

  2. Ask your partner

  3. Have some conversation

Dating merely is an opportunity to get to know someone better. The conversation for single people is looking for initial chemistry—a primary rating of interest determining if another date will happen.

Deepening the chemistry becomes the focus when people are already in a relationship (married or other). It’s not a date if you are talking about the kids. That is a parental meeting. You can have a meeting that turns into a date, but a proper date is intentional from the start. A successful outcome of creating and deepening chemistry with your partner is considered fundamental for a lasting relationship.

Witty banter or deep dialogue is all chemistry. Sometimes chemistry is hot, sometimes it is just fun, and sometimes it is both, or sometimes it is uniquely you. Finding a perfect venue for a date is essential. Restaurants are often loud, and there are a lot of people around potentially watching. For the ideal dinner date, find a restaurant to help you create an intended environment. Once you have something in mind, invite your partner.

The proper classic dinner date starts with the ask. Whether you are in a relationship or single, asking for a traditional dinner date is special. Be mindful so that your ask sets up the potential for a great date. Asking for a date should be genuine and in your style.

  • Do you want to grab dinner is a casual ask. (You could be going anywhere.)

  • Hey, do you want to get fancied up and go out for dinner on Thursday is better.

  • I want to take you to X restaurant (A NICE ONE) for dinner on Thursday, will you accompany me? is an ask that sounds special.

Three great local restaurants

There are a lot of great restaurants in this area. I don’t want to discount any of them. However, my favorites have a character of their own and great-tasting food. I am not easily impressed by just expensive. So, these are 3 of my favorites that can lean into a romantic feel.

  • Wayo is a Japanese-style restaurant in Springfield that has booths with tall walls around the perimeter. It is private for holding hands, smooching, or just whatever conversation you want to have. The wait staff is friendly, and the food is shareworthy.

  • The Finley is a fine dining restaurant in Ozark. While it does have open dining in its former sanctuary, the speakeasy has a romantic feel with a sofa and dimed crystal table lights. The speakeasy gives you the ability to start or finish the date in a more romantic setting. The food is a little on the pricy side but worth the splurge.

  • Farmer’s Gastropub is an American take on British food in Springfield. It’s not as private or romantic, but it does give you a lot to take in and discuss. The dark wood and décor are different and creates an intimate feel. Ask for a booth for a little more privacy.

These places stand out for their privacy and great food. Once you have the location determined and a willing partner, choose your conversation topics. Once you get rolling in a subject, your conversation should meander, and you should have no idea where it will end up. Please note, if you’re married and you end up back talking about the kids, you need some practice.

Three great conversation topics

  • Music is for listening to – yes, but it can also create a feeling. If you are both music people, this is an entertaining conversation. Most people can get a song suck in their head just by suggesting it or hearing it. So the obvious- “what kind of music do you enjoy” is ideal for singles getting to know each other. If you know your date, try- do you ever listen to X? This place needs a theme song; what do you think it should be? If the restaurant is already playing music, play music fan or critic, or simply sing along from time to time. Music can be such a fun way to create chemistry.

  • Ok, some people are not music people. If this is you and you are looking for a topic, try –The way things were or are. If you have some experience behind you, “remember when” will get you started. Like, remember when restaurants had jukeboxes, and someone would push F19 north of 20 times? What else do you remember? (Try to steer clear of heated topics like politics.)

  • Of course, food is always a topic that can go places. What you like or don’t like to eat in general is an early get-to-know-you dating conversation. Positive critiques of the food in front of you can also be fun. Something you could suggest it could be better with onion and a beer in your opinion. Perhaps you had this dish before, and this version is much better, nearly a cosmic experience. Food can be symbolic as well if you get my hint. Always be on the lookout to make a favorable comparison or comment to create some positive energy.

Enjoy your date.

(note: there was no compensation for this article.)