The Classic Coffee Date in 417Land

It’s just coffee.

We should all be having a conversation with people over a beverage. Meeting over a drink can be work, simply social or romantic. The two people coming together creates energy or chemistry. People need to date more. They get all serious about it—That someone might be creating extra meaning behind it all. BUT who cares!!!! REALLY…

The excuses for not asking or not going to meet someone are unending. It’s just coffee in the middle of the day—GO. A mid-day date is still a date looking to bring any chemistry out in the open. Again, chemistry isn’t always romantic, but it is a connection.

It may look a little different than a dinner or evening date. First, it is light out. So, consider your attire carefully. Dress for the location. Also, if you are likely to perspire, consider wearing something dark, please. Secondly, the conversation, attire, and setting are casual, but it is still a date. Please consider the impression your manners and your behavior will leave. Lastly, remember it is on a clock. Many people need to get back to work or have other plans to attend to after. Ask about time parameters and respect the boundaries. Say something like, how much time do I have with you today? If you are on a time crunch, state that.

To make a mid-date date great, try to find a place where you are seated comfortably, with some character and bonus points for a location where you can walk and talk. Some of my favorites follow.

Coffee Ethic is on the square in Springfield. I had a great date here. There was no future relationship, but the date was a success. I drink tea, and it was excellent (not burned). They know what they are doing! We sat down inside for a little while and then walked around the square. It felt urban, and the area gave us some art and history to discuss. The idea that you do not have to sit face to face was refreshing.

Architect Coffee in Springfield is a more spacious coffee shop. If you can grab the sofa area, do it. If you are going to sit at a two-top table, pull one chair to the side not to have to sit interview style. You will have a better ear and a place to divert your gaze by altering the seating. Frequently, it can be a bit crowded, and thus, it can be a bit loud. The background noise can add to a bit of privacy. I have had several afternoon meetings here, and it is a pleasant place and great for a first meeting because it is very public, and the parking is open.

Sometimes an afternoon alcoholic drink is an expression of what you like.

The Vineyard in Ozark (just off Highway 65) is a great meeting spot late in the afternoon. They have a lovely and festive patio, and the inside has character. It changes its feel seasonally and has an extensive offering of wine (they also have a wide array of spirits) and charcuterie boards to share. I also think it has a romantic feel.

4 by 4 is a more beer-focused spot in Springfield. Offering craft beer makes it unique and a charming place. Admittedly, the outside of the building is a little bland. However, the location and the interior have the qualities for a successful afternoon meet-up. Being close to Sequitoa park is a plus. You can walk and talk and continue your momentum. Again, this is a great way to start or finish your afternoon date.

There are not any taboo topics for a mid-day date. The mid-day date is excellent for being authentically you. Fun and lightheartedness seem to prevail in conversation. Keep the thought-provoking and deeply profound for the next date. This date is not looking for perfection; it is looking for connection. Consider this time as just two people, a beverage, and possibly a walk in the park. Look for what you have in common. AND, sometimes what you do not have in common is interesting too.

(Note: I believe people should connect whenever possible. However, some people give you a bad vibe or you have a history with them. You should say “no” to meeting them.)