Six Ways to Make Valentines Day Better if You are Single

Many people don’t care about Valentine’s Day. They genuinely don’t. However, many people do care. Maybe they don’t even want to care, but they do. So, if you don’t care, this post is not for you. If you care and are single, I have some ideas.

I have spent many Valentine’s Days single. Also, I spent a chunk of V-Days in a relationship where this day was not as important to my partner. Which feels hurtful if you fall into the category of- I don’t want to care about this, but I do. So, I understand. It is disheartening to witness all the lovers when (for whatever reason) you are not celebrating the day. On February 14, every year, it seems like lovers are everywhere, and it sucks the air out of your sails. 

Six ideas to celebrate the day of love alone.

  1. Say these words. “It is just a day, and I can have a happy day even if it’s not perfect.” So, the first thing is to get your mind focused in a positive direction. It will affect your spirit and overall happiness. Avoid moping, stating, and thinking about how life has betrayed you. Mindset is half the battle. One more time, say- I can be happy even if the day isn’t perfect.
  2. Manage your social media. Every social site will be full of people sharing their love. Additionally, every site will be full of haters spewing language contrary to your pursuit of a happy mindset. So, decide in this moment to articulate your beautiful couple comments or stay entirely off your digital socials. 
  3. The obvious choice is to celebrate your children or other people’s children. They always love a valentine and to do something out of the ordinary like have heart napkins at dinner or make paper hearts that say– Will you be mine?  
  4. Find something more meaningful to celebrate. Sometimes, there is a win in your life that is more valuable. A completed task is a great example. I cleaned a closet one Valentine’s Day, which was a fantastic accomplishment. Big decisions like returning to school and finishing the application on Valentine’s Day are a celebration, too. Applying for a passport for your trip to Athens (or wherever) is a celebration. Make it more than a dream day. You must take a step forward to make it worth celebrating. No back talk allowed. You can. 
  5. Connect with other people who also don’t want to be alone. For fun, consider a white elephant gift exchange similar to what we see at Christmas, but for Valentine’s. Go all-in on the flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and massage oils, and have a great time with friends.
  6. Profess your affinity for people. Sending notes telling people you care for them is a lovely tradition a spinster aunt had. She spent Valentine’s Day writing letters and sending cards to loved ones. If you like this idea, prepare yourself for the day. Buy fancy or funny stationery and stamps. Get your drink of choice out and some music, and spend the evening writing. And then, thoroughly prepared to stop by the post office on your way out the next day.

Of course, you don’t have to do any of this. Sometimes, the catalyst for change is a good mope day where you resolve what you want to do differently next time or, in this case, next year. Sometimes, being angry and vengeful is healthy if that is your genuine state of being and you don’t act it out. However, you cannot allow yourself to live there. Your heart is too beautiful for that. Grow into a bigger heart by next Valentine’s Day. Let’s be strategic about it.