Services Provided

We offer a variety of session packages to fit your budget and your needs. Whether you’re looking for a single session to get your questions answered, private coaching, or even a masterclass, we’ve got you covered.

Free consultation

Let’s chat and see if we make a good team. In this free call, we’ll discuss what you’re looking for and how I can help you achieve the goals you want.

30 minutes

Relationship Power Session, 1 session

For Dating. This is a great option if you have one burning relationship question you need help answering. I can help with topics like, “I think a breakup is coming.” “I can’t get over my ‘ghost.” “What can I do to grab attention?” “I need help flirting on text!”

For Divorce/Breakup. This is a great option to help you prep for a mediation, get clear on an issue or the past, or to talk about getting through a divorce and what the process typically looks like.

90 minutes

One-on-One Coaching, 3 sessions

For Dating. These three sessions are great for a single issue that needs more time than one session. We can cover topics like, “I need to overhaul my attraction style.” “I need to understand how to date in the time of #metoo.” “I want to work on moving my love interest from messaging to dating.” “I am nervous about the first date and first impressions.” “I have a relationship that’s gone a little stale. How do I liven it up?”

For Divorce/Breakup. Three sessions are helpful for single issues that need more time, like mediation prep for a complex parenting plan or a high-conflict mediation, setting up a self-care plan, or divorce team.

3 sessions, 1 hour each

One-on-One Coaching, 6 sessions

For Dating. Six sessions are ideal for people who want to work on multiple strategies at a time. We can cover topics like “recovering from a bad relationship and dating again,” “working on meeting people and creating desire,” or “wanting to learn to date better overall.”

For Divorce/Breakup. We can cover several issues and circumstances over a short period. Topics can include, “learning about wants and needs,” “the divorce process,” and “dealing with issues as they arrive.”

6 sessions, 1 hour each

One-on-One Coaching, 10 sessions

For Dating. Ten sessions are great when you want to capture the full methodology and strategy for dating successfully. It takes time to develop the right mindset and know when and how to apply a method or use a specific tactic.

For Divorce/Breakup. In these sessions, I can walk alongside you for awhile when you’re contemplating divorce, during a divorce, or after to provide support and action planning.

10 sessions, 1 hour each

One-on-One Coaching, 20 sessions

Similar to what is offered in the 10 session package, just for a longer term.

20 sessions, 1 hour each

Dating Coaching Cohort, 4 weeks

You and up to 6 friends can get 4 weeks of dating coaching. We’ll cover the phases of dating (attraction, selection, development, and retention). We’ll address burning issues and create action plans to help change your outcomes.

4 sessions, 1 hour each

Speaking Engagements

Looking for a speaker for your upcoming event? Ms. Kari is a skilled speaker and is available for workshops, team building, and more.

Price and topics vary.
Contact for more information.