Your Journey through Divorce

Divorce Coaching

Divorce and uncoupling sucks. So many people barrel through their divorce because they just want out. And they don’t step back (or even know they can) step back, take a breath, and decide, “What do I want this ending to look like?” Feeling overwhelmed and that “foggy brain syndrome” is not uncommon.

Often, many people don’t even know what’s happening to them during the divorce process. They were blindsided, and by the time they come out of the fog, they’re divorced and not quite sure what happened. You may be expecting it, but I guarantee it’s not going to go like you think it should.

The grief and pain are real (even if the divorce is amicable). Working with a coach during a breakup or divorce is a great way to put your “break-up team” together, create a self-care plan for you, and create mindful actions that help you process your uncoupling into a thriving new life you didn’t know was possible.

My goal as a coach is to help you get through it and get to a healthier place. You’re not OK, and you know it. You may feel like you’re never going to be OK again, but I can help you get to that place. (I know when I went through my divorce, I wish I had someone in my corner to help me!)

I’m not a therapist who’ll help you work through the grief. That’s important, and I highly recommend you seek professional help to work through those emotions. I help you with the tools and resources (the tactical and the practical) to give you forward motion. I will not give you legal advice. (I’m not an attorney!) But I can help help you prep for mediation. (I am a licensed mediator!)

Let’s be honest; when you go through a divorce, you’re hurt and pissed. You want everything, and you want them to suffer greatly. When you work with a judge and your attorney, it’s all on paper. But what other restitutions are you looking for? What are you willing to sacrifice? (Because you will have to make choices.)

As your coach, I can help you sort through all your options to help you decide what you want your outcomes to be. We’ll work through “if/then” scenarios, so you can see the potential outcomes and choose your next steps. I can help you prep, so you’re ready to meet with your attorney and not feel like you’re floundering. 

If you’re facing a divorce and want help navigating your next steps, schedule your complementary chat today.