Dating Coach or Friend Advice?

People often question when hiring a specialist has value. I mean, you can google it for free, right? Sure, you can. There is a lot of entertaining advice. You can google it. And sometimes, it might work. However, genuine professionals make it easier for you to get results. They help by cutting out trial and error and applying methods that yield results. If you listen and use the behaviors you learn from a dating specialist, you are far more likely to meet someone special you crave.

Ghosted, breadcrumbed, mislead, propositioned, unnecessary drama, heartbroken…? Can’t find the one? Does this resonate at all? It doesn’t need to be like that.

Most people have little to no idea how to attract love. Instead, they wander in the single’s wilderness looking for someone to come along with stability. Some people will stumble upon love, and a few more manifest it. Good for them. Many people just can’t get there, and they continue to wander until they meet someone to settle on. (Except it doesn’t feel like settling because you have been wandering alone for so long, this person actually looks awesome comparatively.)

I know you have great friends. Even I love them! They support you through thick and thin. Let me tell you a secret. They often give poor dating advice – okay, horrible dating advice. Less impactful advice happens when they let you know what worked for them. But you are not them, and it turns out “meh” at best.

Additionally, they want to stay your friend, so they will, on some level, enable your behaviors that are currently leading you nowhere. And finally, they just are less educated and experienced in the art of relationships than someone who actively studies and lives it. Your friends are necessary for dating to be at its best. Be active with your friends; simply take their advice in moderation.

Hire a professional when:

  • Your friends are tired of talking about dating

  • You are divorced or divorcing and want to thrive and not merely survive

  • A past relationship haunts you

  • You can meet people but can’t turn it into a proper relationship

  • You don’t meet other single people (aka no pipeline)

  • Bad dating behavior is abundant in people you meet

  • The people you meet are boring

  • Single for years, and all indications are that you will stay that way, yet you want a partner

  • You feel like you are “done” because dating is BS

Lean on your friends:

  • When you need personal conciliation or encouragement

  • When you need someone to support you in your decisions

  • When you just need to talk an issue through

  • When you need to speak with someone who knows your history at length

  • When you need a wing-man or wing-woman

  • For sharing your dating progress or update

Finding a romantic partner can be an emotional roller coaster. Your friends are critical to dating well, but they just aren’t giving you strategy and methods. The best path includes working with a professional and having supportive friends. If you have never worked with a professional one-on-one, give it a try, you might be surprised how much better it is than Google. Okay, I know this article was biased. After all, I am a professional dating coach that wants you to find the love of your life.

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