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superstitions in dating


Collectively we seem to think about superstition as an archaic word. A word that is affiliated with black cats, breaking mirrors, walking under ladders, and

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how can I make myself more attractive

Attraction 101

Are you attractive? Did you really just say, no? Stop that right now. Here are four ingredients for you to whip up a batch of

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how to be positive in a negative world

Positivity, I Beg You.

Do you have someone in your life, maybe it is several people, that are currently struggling with being positive right now? Could it be you

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Texting is a thing in dating

Please Text!

Back in the day, there was a lot of room for patience in dating. I feel like because texting was non-existent, we HAD to be

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4 things draining you in dating

Is Dating Draining You?

Good relationships fill you with positive feelings, and bad relationships drain you. Positivity makes for a great personal impact. Projecting jaded or overall negative messages

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everyone lies in dating

Everyone Lies in Dating

Everyone lies. A young man made this jaded statement when discussing his love life. It gave me pause. A life philosophy that I hold is

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