417Stroll Date

Today this is a simple date that has a mile of potential. I encourage my clients to invite their potential date for a stroll because in part I love it so much. The benefits of a stroll are endless, but just off the top of my head hint, here are three.

  1. You are moving, not sitting. You get to bump into each other, hold hands, or see the other person’s body language.

  2. Strolling gives you a million things to discuss. Look at what is in front of you and talk about it. Wildlife, junk, the weather, the way you feel in the moment are topics to get you started.

  3. Walking is rhythmic. It also creates endorphins that help you feel good. These effects create positive feelings about the other person. There is an abundance of opportunities to stroll in 417land.

Here are a few favorite locations.

The Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden in Springfield. This place is stunning all year around. A well-groomed garden with winding paths and a variety of plants, fish, and birds, you will have an abundance of conversation topics. During the holidays, they light it up and play music. It was magical. I always look forward to going back.

Relics Antique Mall in Springfield. Relics is a giant building with a wide variety of antiques and well- junk. As you stroll through the isles, you will find that moments are abundant when you ask: What do you think that is? Or do you remember that? My grandparents have one, but what is its purpose? But also, you will find yourself stating things like- that is lovely, or I wish I had a home for that. You could frequently ask, do you like this one or that one?

With an overwhelming amount of stuff, there is so much potential to find a connection with your partner.

Garrison Springs in Ozark. Garrison Spring is a peaceful place and ready for profound nature discussions. The waterfall/spring and woods surrounding me make me feel like I am in a secret garden. It’s currently under development, so be patient if you are going to stroll.

Remember to watch the weather if you are asking someone for a stroll—plan to bring water if it’s warm or something hot if it’s cool outside. Also, kissing in the rain is hyped up in the movies. In reality, it takes a slow, warm shower to make it romantic. Chances of that happening with a willing partner are once in a lifetime. However, you wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity now, would you?